Monday, July 9, 2012

Alone: Ethical Vegan vs Health Vegan

So I went out with friends to celebrate birthdays and new jobs recently. Although half of them were not vegan, they allowed me and the other vegan in our group to pick a veg place.
I have raved and loved The V Spot (in Park Slope, Brooklyn) for so long that they had to see what all the fuss was about. The food at this Spanish-influenced slice of paradise did not disappoint.
The raw nori rolls let me have a sushi indulgence guilt free. The whole wheat lasagna filling and delicious to the point I had to restrain myself from gluttony!VSpot feast
And the Philly cheesesteak empanadas were yum. I always go for the Colombian ones, but this was almost as painfully good. VSpot feast
So afterwards, the group headed over to another restaurant for after dinner drinks and met up with the relative of the other vegan in the group. Because it was yet another birthday celebration, there was cheesecake.
My veg friend put a slice down in front of everyone- including me! I asked her what she was doing (serving me the cake, as she knew that wasn't something either of us would eat). I drew the conclusion that because she was eating it (it was a Junior's cheesecake- hello, we were in Brooklyn) she assumed I would too. The look of disappointment on my face was enough to make her feel the need to explain away guiltily that she isn't as strong as I am. Whatever.
While my intention was not to make her feel bad, we've discussed our previous lapses with baked goods-and I personally vowed to do better. I told her that it wasn't an attempt to make her feel bad, it was just that I felt alone. She's my vegan partner in crime, or was...
There is a difference between an ethical vegan and one who does it for health reasons. The commitment level seems different. I could be wrong. For me, dairy and egg industries cause so much more suffering to animals than the beef, poultry, and other meat industries.
For the most part I am the only vegan-hell, vegetarian, I know. My friend is doing a massive job in choosing to be vegan and I am happy for her. Maybe I should leave it at that and focus on me and my efforts.

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