Friday, April 20, 2012

Movie Mash Poster 2

Playing around once again and really getting the hang of Photoshop! It's not totally fancied up yet, but I think they will improve as I go....

Which movie mashup is this?

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Change Has Come...

So they always tell you to think of a name that you want to be stuck with. Well I tried and it didn't work. Initially, the name was for a defunct store I had.  I never liked the name. Sounded like a "cheezey" chick flick or overly floral perfume.

So my hero for the longest has been Friedrich Nietzsche. Even named the dog after him. He was a brilliant philosopher who literally had so much in his head that he felt he would go crazy if  he didn't get it all out. Well, he did sorta lose it, possibly from being too smart for his own good. It's almost like he looked at the Art of the Covenant, but survived with a much darker psyche.

Anywhoo, loved the name, but let's face it—it's not the easiest to spell, so I fudged it a bit. So now when I ramble on about things, this blog will go wherever and not be bound to rules. So it is spoken (or typed), so it is done.


Friday, April 13, 2012

Some Veg News

Last week I did a bit of a wrap up on some animal news. Now I am spreading a little love in regards to food and the "plight" of the vegans and vegetarians...
It seems that there are more and more people trying the veg thing. That is really great. I for one feel all a tingle when I read that an A-lister has gone vegan. But ever since Ginnifer Goodwin's flipflop and Natalie Portman's slide, I don't put too much faith in celebrities until they have some longevity and not doing it because it's cool. (As much as I love my VegNews magazines, my desire to rip up the cover with Ginnifer  on it overcomes me each time I see it!)

So while it seems cool that Garth Brooks and his wife Trisha Yearwood might be going veg, the jury is out. I'll do the waiting game on this one. Apparently this discovery was made at the Wynn in Vegas. I cannot wait to get back to Las Vegas, for the simple fact that I know where I will be spending much of my time! Apparently, Las Vegas is catching on too to providing for us "finicky eaters."

At the end of the day, it is all about the planning. And there are some excellent sources on the web that provide a few helpful hints here and there...

I myself have been dabling with some of my desserts. I tried yet another recipe for The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur. This cookbook has not given me a flop yet. I love it. My earlier creations still shock me sometimes! Anyway, I didn't get a chance to take pictures, but the Lemon Poppy Seed cookies were ridiculously easy with so few ingredients that EVERYONE has in their kitchen right now!!!

I attempted cakepops which turned out pretty well, but the really happy accident were my rum balls... more on those another day.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

In the News

image from
photographer David Lockeretz

Several topics going on today in the world as it relates to the most devoted of animal lovers.

There is concern that dyeing chicks sends the wrong message to children who get these live "peeps" for the holiday...really? Do we even need this as a tradition? Who started this? And when did coloring live animals have anything to do with a man dying on the cross for your sins?! There are some lawmakers not to right in sunny Florida. The sun's fried their common sense.

I'm not sure how I feel about this protest. On one hand, I get that zoos are ideally a place for us to see animals we wouldn't normally get a chance to, or that they open a child's curiosity to the animal kingdom. But at the same time, these creatures are prisoners, and I myself can't go to zoos anymore because one day I might hurt someone's pesky brat that is mercilessly tapping on the glass of some unfortunate creature about 1 foot from the sign that says not to, while mom and dad look on like idiots. That one is a tough call for me.

This just breaks my heart, a rescue of dogs subjected to fights in the Philippines. Ever since I learned from The Dog Whisperer that a dog is a dog first and its breed second, I have a new appreciation for pit bulls. What is so sad is that (1) these animals have already been put down for their poor condition, (2) some of them were rescues from a previous raid, (3) and the Philippines doesn't even have (thank dog,) a real market for dog fights—these fights are broadcast to other countries!

Good news! After all the bad, finish this off with something good from North Dakota. Stiffer penalties for animal abusers.

I know some people get all up in arms that animal rights activists, or just vegans and vegetarians love animals more than they do other people. Not true. (Usually. This coming from a New Yorker, in a city where people push your tolerance button daily.) Most of us just feel for those that can speak for or defend themselves. Is that so bad?


Travel Agreement- Sheldon Cooper Style

This "agreement" was created as a Christmas gag gift for a friend who really is demanding, but doesn't see himself that way. He makes Sheldon Cooper and his Roommate Agreement seem logical and necessary.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

My doodle for the I Corinthians love verse. Quite challenging to come up with a visual representation of each sentence, but I got quite a few in there.