Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Finally In Roma!

The month of May found me in Rome, Italy. This trip was six years in the making because my then boyfriend and I had heard enough great things that made us want to go. It was fortuitous that my hubby came across Tierno Tours on LinkedIn. Not only do they do personalized small tours of southern Italy, but they added a vegan one as well. We were on the second outing. More on that later...

The tour was of southern Italy, but there was no way we were flying all the way to Italy and not see Rome. For that reason we started and ended the trip there. Based on the recommendation of a friend, we chose to stay our first nights in Rome at the Hotel Art by the Spanish Steps. The hotel is trendy and well laid out with a funky open area garden within the hotel with access to it by some steps near the back. Everyone was genuinely warm and helpful.

It is a kitschy hotel in that each floor has illuminated hallways that only come on once you open your room to leave or step off the elevator. The rooms are small, but containing great decor and the essentials. Besides, you are not in Rome to hang in hotels, they are a place to recharge so you can get out and see more of the city later.

There was so much done in such a short period of time...I can't believe I am back. I miss Italia!
To Be Continued...

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