Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Official Free Wedding Template - Really

In my quest to figure out how to create printable PDFs, I have aged, cursed, and may have teared up a bit in frustration.  For me, nothing - nothing - is every as easy as they say it will be in a tutorial when computers are in the mix. Never. Ever.

So I embarked on making the printable PDF version of my wedding invite, little did I know what I was in for. I had posted a copy of the invite in an earlier post. However, you couldn't do anything with the invite. Below is not only the invite, but the pdf of the mailer I created. 

The wedding was in St. Croix, so I had a running image of hibiscus flowers. This message in a bottle invite was quite a bit of work, but not only was I glad with the way it came out, it was a hit with EVERYONE. The devil is in the details. I should know because he kept popping up every step of the way in making these invites. It was all worth it though. Opening a bottle, smelling coconut scented sand (oh, yes I did scent it!), and pulling out a special message wrapped in satin cord was impressive for our friends and family. It hinted at the plans and details that were going to be put into every single aspect of the celebration week/vacation! Our guests were coming from all over and using vacation time in many cases to be there, so we wanted it to be a PAR-TAY. (And on an island where you don't need a passport (the USVI) and the mixers cost more then the liquor - par-tay people did!)

There are matching labels as well and even laminated tags that went on the neck of the bottle (I was serious in my attention to/obsession with detail). They are in the pics. If I can summon the courage to return to Acrobat with out the desire to hurt someone to fix those too, I will.

For now, here they are...

Link to PDF

Link to PDF

PS For all my attention to detail, I forgot to bring the invitation to St. Croix with me for my photographer! Lucky for me, I had the AMAZING Kelly Greer taking care of me. I sent her the invitation when I got back to the states, and she recreated everything - putting on the tags and rolling up the invite- using a good old bottle of Cruzan Rum. Then she took those great shots. Thanks again Kelly.

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