Friday, November 25, 2011

Vegan Thanksgiving Part 1: Cookies

Thanksgiving Rocks. Period. Best Holiday Ever. No "gimme - gimme" commercialism pressure, no stress about finding the right gift to show how much people really mean to you. (When the love is real, you do show it EVERYDAY, yet this holiday makes us all feel insecure, stressed, and crappy, YUCK.)

So anyway, Thanksgiving will always be tops for me. Even though this is my second Thanksgiving as a vegan, I don't miss anything really. My plate might be missing some of the old traditional, but I still walk away full, satiated, and slightly tipsy, with a burgeoning sugar induced food coma waiting in the lurks!

Vegans are not food haters, yet some how people are shocked that this is still my fave holiday. What is not to love? You show love through the food you serve loved ones and the memories you create each year. I still get to do that.

Now, this year, I made some new things... I keep collecting cookbooks - it is a bad habit! I have tried to tell myself no new books until you start cooking//baking from the ones you already have. Ha! I broke down and got the greatest cookie cookbook called The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur. OMG the pics alone pulled me in. But the ingredients are real and easy to find - at least for the cookies that I have done so far.

 I have made the soft sugar cookies a few weeks ago (ok, but I don't like rolling out dough). Then for  Thanksgiving dessert, I made the Egg Nog Cookies and one of the many versions of Chocolate Chip cookies in the book. Wowza. My best friend and her mom kept going back to the Egg Nog cookies. My best friend's son was lovin on the chocolate chip cookies. His terrible two's temper tantrum was all forgotten when I gave him one of them.

 I can't wait to make more of the Egg Nog cookies. Crazy light and yummy - the rum-spiked cookie and icing don't hurt the flavor either. The chocolate chip cookies, I swear get softer and yummier with each passing day- they only get to last about three days though!

The Vegan Cookie Connoisseur is worth checking out though. I am tempted to give some of the cookies as gifts with a recipe card and see how long it takes for people to realize there is no egg or dairy in it! I love when I find a recipe that rewires the thought that vegans suffer in flavorless food hell for their crazy ideals...

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