Monday, November 14, 2011

V V Monday

A quick summary of some things going on in the world of the animals...

The Western Black Rhino is officially extinct!  Whoo hoo, yes, idiotic hunters of the world unite! (This wasn't how I'd intended to start this entry, but the stupidity of these people that hunt an animal to extinction blows my mind.)
While I wasn't exactly on a Western Black Rhino watch, at the end of the day, it is sad that these poachers have done what they did. I wonder, as that hunter had the last rhino in his (or her) crosshairs -- or whatever they use to kill, did the thought of "I am eradicating something permanently from the face of the earth for its measly horn," ever cross his/her mind? Of course not.
Everyone has to make a living, (even those who poach illegally,) but they just hunted themselves out of a job. (I guess there is a slight silver lining to the story.) 
I thought the purpose of hunting was to maintain population control. Mind you, Mother Nature has never called on us to help her with her job in that respect, but we take the task on anyway. I guess that is the lame excuse used to justify the carnage.
How long before out only connection to the wild and these amazing animals will be through pictures and documentaries on cable tv?

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