Thursday, December 1, 2011

Cake Pops...Mmmm

So I have visited this site called Bakerella quite a few times and wondered how I could veganize the treat. I did it once, but the crazy hard chocolate shell gave my jaw a workout! I haven't given up on my vegan cake pop quest just yet, but with Thanksgiving coming up, I wanted to do something fun for my most amazing godchild, Syrai. So I went about the massive task of making these bad boys, and must say, they turned out pretty well. Although I did not get to eat my masterpieces, I was told they were great, and Syrai's smile was more than reward.

It is funny that the Chocolate Covered Mint cake from my Sinfully Vegan recipe book (I removed the mint and added almond...yum) and used vegan frosting, but the darn candy coating isn't vegan and I just gave in. 

I don't know if my vegan card will be revoked ;) but since it wasn't something for me, I decided not to fight it. The vegan life, is there ever a day without ethical and/or moral dilemma?

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