Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Change Has Come...

So they always tell you to think of a name that you want to be stuck with. Well I tried and it didn't work. Initially, the name was for a defunct store I had.  I never liked the name. Sounded like a "cheezey" chick flick or overly floral perfume.

So my hero for the longest has been Friedrich Nietzsche. Even named the dog after him. He was a brilliant philosopher who literally had so much in his head that he felt he would go crazy if  he didn't get it all out. Well, he did sorta lose it, possibly from being too smart for his own good. It's almost like he looked at the Art of the Covenant, but survived with a much darker psyche.

Anywhoo, loved the name, but let's face it—it's not the easiest to spell, so I fudged it a bit. So now when I ramble on about things, this blog will go wherever and not be bound to rules. So it is spoken (or typed), so it is done.


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