Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Downward Spiral...But in a Good Way!

There are many items on my store.  It is varied and it has to deal with all the ideas that I have that want to come out. Each trip to the craft store brings an excitement to try new mediums for my creative expression.  I don't know if I should try to stop being a Jack of all trades and just be Master of one...or two!
 It all started with scrapbooking.  Anyone who has ever gotten into that hobby knows how expensive it can be and every new thing is a must buy! Then I began sketching and drawing because of the inks and chalks left over from random scrapbooking projects.  Then I wanted to express my illustrations in a more 3d manner and I purchased polymer clay... That spawned other purchases I won't get into here.  Needless to say, I have enough in my studio/workspace that I was able to design and create my wedding invitations!  That's a lot of material lying around!

Anywhoo, to bring this back to my store, here are some of my creations...
These are all polymer clay creations.  The first one is a lock charm that actually works in 'nondreaded' hair too. (Just make a braid and wrap it in!)  Check out the store for other designs.

I will list promos and creative ideas that I don't want in the store here, so keep an eye out.  My Message in a Bottle invitations were a hit and want to set up a tutorial along with some free templates.  Keep checking back.

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