Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"Surprise" Bridal Shower

This past Sunday was my "surprise" bridal shower.  I say this in quotes because my beloved mom-in-law tried so hard to keep it quiet and have me be totally didn't happen.  There were a few dropped hints along the way.  Sorry Mrs. C! I do thank her for going above and beyond to make everything so wonderful.

Even though I knew what was coming, walking into that room was still completely shocking.  When you see all these people you love, that love your hubby, and family and friends that usually don't get to mix, you truly feel blessed and humbled that they would be there.

I actually had a mini panic attack a few days prior worried about what I would eat at said event.  (As a vegan, your love of life and the animals comes with a price!)  I was taken care of and even had my own cake from my fave bakery here in New Jersey - Papa Ganache.  So freakin' good, not only is it all vegan, it knocks the socks off ANY bakery vegan or non that I've ever eaten from.

The gifts were creative and touching and perfect and some embarrassing!  I wish I had the ability to take a picture with each person who gave us something.  It would have been nice since there were some new faces and people I have heard so much about that I'd just met for the first time.

Sadly, I was in the pics and didn't really get to take many.  I will post some later on as they come in!  Is there anything better than a party where all the gifts are for you?

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