Friday, March 18, 2011

Playing with Glass...Part 4

Well, it is done.  I have completed my etched/painted glass experiment.  The final step was to see if the glass could hold up to washing.  It did!  I was so excited to take the pictures to show here.  So excited, but now my experiment has ended in tragedy.

As I was taking pictures of the finished product, a gust of wind blew the book it was sitting on, and to save it, the hand with the camera came up to crash into it!  Sigh... see if you can see the massive 3 way CRACK in the glass!
 There she is!  My beautiful idea come to life!

 This is my baby about 30 seconds after "the incident..."

 ...10 seconds before "the incident."

 About 1 minute after the incident.  (I was in shock when it cracked so I was staring in disbelief for a moment or two!)
  Oh, it still hurts to look at.  

I don't know if you can really see from the pic, but the base of the glass has the reverse etching and the flowers themselves were what got the frosted effect.

My wine charms, recreated famous works of art available in my Etsy store, are featured on the bottom.

And to be a drama queen, to show the full circle of "life," here is my glass, laid to rest.  So young, gone before her time... she never even got to fulfill her purpose of carrying a good wine...(sigh).

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